'Jerome the Gangster' 7c+

Kyparissi is surrounded by consecutive belts of rock. Some describe it as ‘Two Céüses’ or ‘Half a Kalymnos’. These claims may sound exaggerated, but there is a lot of truth to them. Kyparissi truly is phenomenal, and it does have everything it takes to become an international climbing venue in the footsteps of Kalymnos.

Cliffs are abundant; their quality is exceptional; climbing conditions are perfect, especially in spring and fall; touristic infrastructure is already in place; the setting is spectacular and authentic; and the locals, who are genuinely kind, would greatly welcome an extended tourist season. So far, the scant amount of routes wholly misrepresents the vast climbing potential of the area.  

Local authorities have pursued funding for a project to develop climbing in the area.



Climbing: Highly featured, compact red and gray limestone of exceptional quality. There are endless stalactites and tufa formations, caves, overhangs, and the height of the cliffs often exceeds 50m. The existing routes are equipped with stainless-steel bolts and they are mostly in the mid- to high-grades (6c-8b+).


Gear: A 70m rope and 18 QD for longer routes.


Conditions: Climbing is possible year-round, but the best seasons are spring and autumn.


Sector 'Vlychada'
Le Sabre 6a+ 40m   Toumpano 6c 15m   Myrtoan 6c+ 25m
Malvasia 7b 30m   Artemis 7a 25m   C' a l' envers 6c 25m
Katsikos 6c+ 25m   Tufa Tango 7b 25m   Mare Nostrum 7a+ 25m
Nectaria 6a+ 20m   Tandalo 6b 20m   In to The Groove 6a 20m
Laloudi 5c+ 17m   Mura Rossa 5b+ 17m   Nikoforos 5c 15m



Sector 'Stavros'
Paliochora 6b+ 35m   Alonaki 6c+ 35m   Ymettia 7a 25m
Moma (Pyliza) 6b 30m   Zastano 6a 30m   Vigliza 6c 32m
Gyres 6c 40m  





Sector 'Jerome's House'
Pinkerton 6b+ 30m   Bay Area 6b+ 30m   Kalderimi 6c 30m
Black Jack 6c 30m   Epitirisi kai Timoria 6b+ 20m   Epitirisi kai Timoria Ext 1 7a 30m
Epitirisi kai Timoria Ext 2 7b 38m   Out of System 6c 25m   Piliza 6a 20m
Piliza Ext 7a+ 30m   Hospeatality 6b+ 30m   Choco Heaven 6b+ 30m
Bangsters 6c 30m   Bangsters Ext 7a+ 38m   The Crazy World 6c 30m
The Crazy World Ext 7a+ 35m   Of Arthur Brown 6b 20m   Of Arthur Brown Ext 6b+ 30m
Catalavenis? 7b 25m   Catalavenis? Ext 7c 50m   Kidoni 6c 20m
Low Cost 6a+ 20m   Strikebreaker 6a+ 25m   Teleferic 5c 25m



Sector 'Psilovrachos'
Nama 7a+ 30m   Sarantos 7a 35m   Mon Amour 6c 30m
Cavo Kortia 6c 35m   Cavo Kortia ext. 1 7a 45m   Cavo Kortia ext. 2 7b 55m
Thalassoplagtos 7a 25m   Aoratos Roz Monokeros 7b 30m   Ploes 7c+ 25m
Syneidito Afti 8a+ 25m   Poisonous ? 25m   Bona Fortuna 7c+ 25m
Siderenia fterna 7c+ 25m   Manifesto 8a 25m   Rush ? 25m
Parapola 7b+ 25m   Astropeleki 7c 25m   Falkonera ? 25m
Blue 6c+ 25m   Blue ext ? 35m   S. Rovatsos 6c+ 20m
Ektos Edras 7b 25m   Ektos Edras ext ? 35m  

Sector 'Babala'
Gloom of Triumph 8c 30m   Mythos 8b/+ 30m   Carpe Diem (1st part) 8a+ 25m
Carpe Diem 8b+ 35m   Mea Culpa ? 30m   Gerobabalis ? 30m
Woood n' Metal ? 30m   Aima kai Sperma ? 25m   Father of Lies ? 20m
Tiresias 7c+ 20m   Leodokardos 8a 30m   Skliros Theos ? 30m
Stokos 6b+ 15m   Ntinos 6b+ 20m   Mitsaras 6c 25m
Magnum Opus 7b+ 25m   Magnum Opus ext. 7b+ 45m   Lefko Pnevma
Streptokoccus 8a 25m   Advocatus Diaboli 8a+ 30m   TCHAO Wild Goat (part 1) 6a+ 15m
TCHAO Wild Goat 7c 30m   I Am a Don Key 7c? 30m   Octo Plus 8a+ 30m
Marion 8b+? 30m  





Sector 'Playground'
Le Serpent 6b 18m   Lizard 6b 18m   Maricela 5a+ 20m
Monkey Bars 5b+ 18m   Wizard 5b+ 18m   Anketi 5b 20m
Aristos 5b+ 20m   Cookie Monster 5b 16m   Crocus 5c 16m
Trambala 6b 12m   Foxy 6b 12m   Kopana 5c 12m



Sector 'Watermill'
Tiris 6a 20m   Welcome to Kyparissi 6a 20m   Welcome to Kyparissi Ext 6c 35m
Vryl 7c 20m   Pita 4-Ever 7a+ 25m   Kalimeralex 7a+ 25m
Esterattitucle 7b 25m   Neromylos 8? 30m   Zarax 8a 25m
Medousa's Blood 8b 30m   Asclepius 7c+ 25m   Thanks George 7a 30m
Myros 7b 30m   Jerome the Gangster 7c+ 25m   Kyparissi 7a 20m
Stelios House 7b+ 20m   Stelios House ext ? 35m   Kyfanta 7b+? 25m
Tetoros 6a 18m   Smoke on the Water 6b+ 30m   Sidiropoulos 6c 30m
Krikos 7a+ 27m   Kiafa 6c 20m   Skourkos 6a+ 20m
Gelis 6b 20m   Giouzelis 6c+ 30m   Trypes 7a+ 20m
Trypes Ext 7b+ 3pa 36m   Koumara 6c 20m   Koumara Ext 7a+ 2pa 36m
Kyparidiso 7a 36m   Cave Man 6c 33m  





Sector 'Kastraki'
Pipis 5a 10m   Koles 5b 10m   Tsitos 5c+ 15m
Koufos 5c 10m   Sirmas 6a 25m   Kotsipetros 6a+ 25m
Batarolos 5c 22m   Rozos 6a 25m   Mantrakoukos 6b 25m
Kolios 6a+ 25m   Zafiris 6a+ 25m   Kakaras 6a 30m
Kastraki 5b 20m   Kastraki Ext 6a+ 35m   Mougaras 6a+ 30m
Kepas 6b+ 28m   Bouras 6a 28m   Pontikos 6b 18m
Monimos 6c+ 18m   Frydias 6c 18m   Tzambas 7a 18m
Gandemis 6c 18m   Jumping Fish 6c+ 18m   Krinos 6c 18m
Tantra 6a+ 18m   Panotsis 5c+ 18m  





Sector 'Kapsala'
Kapsalismenos 6c 35m   King Albert 1er 6a+/b 150m   Thrylos 6b 30m
Thrylos ext. 6b+ 40m   Fokiano 6a+ 38m   Laconia 6a 35m
Spetses 5c 30m   Dokos 5b+ 20m   Hydra 6a 20m
Bolton Celtics 7a 22m   Born to Lose 7a 25m   Live to Win 7a+ 25m
Sunburst 7b+ 32m   Whiplash 6c+ 18m   Nobel Bolt 7a+ 30m
Nobel Bolt ext. 7a+ 45m   Batwoman 7b(+) 30m   Faros 7a 25m
Titox 6b+ 25m   Pearl Jump 7a+ 25m   Red Wine 7a 28m
Samali 6b+ 20m   Ravani 6a 25m   Anastasis 6b 16m
Lukumades 6a+ 22m  




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From the beautiful seaside village of Kyparissi, it is hard to imagine that hidden amongst the surrounding cliffs lies a large fir forest on a mountainside offering a number of lovely hikes. The entirety of Mt. Hionovouni comprises a Natura habitat and was once filled with human activities, as evidenced by the many huts and goatfolds and terraced fields, most of them now abandoned. A series of paths, based on the original network, provide an opportunity to enjoy these traces of human endeavour and to enjoy the wonderful landscape. The main route forms part of national hiking path 33 that crosses Hionovouni from the village of Kremasti to Lambokambo.

Other routes branch off to villages in the foothills – the three settlements of Kyparissi and Harakas. All the paths can be combined as desired, beginning and ending at different points, depending on hikers’ interests and abilities.


Information is courtesy of Municipality of Monemvasia


Kremasti - Lambokambos
Length: 12,977m  |  Difficulty: 3/5  |  Drinking water: No
Kyparissi - Kremasti
Length: 10,099m  |  Difficulty: 3/5  |  Drinking water: No
Harakas - Kyparissi
Length: 12,256m  |  Difficulty: 4/5  |  Drinking water: No
Length: 8,738m  |  Difficulty: 3/5  |  Drinking water: No
Palaiohora & Agia Varvara
Length: 5,689m  |  Difficulty: 3/5  |  Drinking water: No
Agios Georgios
Length: 1,723m  |  Difficulty: 1/5  |  Drinking water: Yes
Length: 5,689m  |  Difficulty: 3/5  |  Drinking water: No
You can get your free copy of hiking routes map at the hotel.